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HOSHIZAKI is the name that represents quality commercial kitchen equipment.
We specialize in ice machines and refrigeration products around the world.


Company URL Territory
HOSHIZAKI CORPORATION http://www.hoshizaki.co.jp/ Japan
HOSHIZAKI SHANGHAI CO., LTD. http://www.hoshizaki.com.cn/ China
HOSHIZAKI TAIWAN, INC. http://www.hoshizaki.com.tw/ Taiwan
HOSHIZAKI KOREA CO.,LTD. http://www.hoshizaki.co.kr/ Korea
HOSHIZAKI PHILIPPINES CORPORATION http://www.hoshizaki.com.ph/ Philippines
HOSHIZAKI VIETNAM CORPORATION https://www.hoshizaki.com.vn/ Vietnam
HOSHIZAKI AMERICA, INC. http://www.hoshizakiamerica.com/ North, Central, South America
HOSHIZAKI EUROPE B.V. http://hoshizaki-europe.com/ Europe,Africa,Middle East
HOSHIZAKI SINGAPORE PTE LTD http://www.hoshizaki.com.sg/ Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, New Guinea, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan
HOSHIZAKI HONG KONG CO.,LTD. http://www.hoshizaki.com.hk/index.aspx Hong Kong
HOSHIZAKI LANCER http://www.lancerbeverage.com/ Australia, New Zealand
LANCER CORPORATION http://www.lancercorp.com/  
GRAM COMMERCIAL http://www.gram-commercial.com/  


  • Ice machines: Cubers, Flakers, Cubelet machines
  • Ice dispensers
  • Refrigerators, Freezers
  • Refrigerated display cases: Sushi cases, Display showcases
  • Food Safety, Sanitation products: ROX Water Electrolyzers
Remarks: Available Hoshizaki products may differ in each territory and country.