Communities and Society

Communities and Society

The Hoshizaki Group contributes to society in ways that relate deeply to our businesses, including support for our customers’ recovery in times of disaster, support for activities to protect the natural environment through the Hoshizaki Green Foundation, and support for development in local communities where our plants are located.

Support for Customers’ Disaster Recovery

Hoshizaki Green Foundation

*Core funding provided by Hoshizaki shares bequeathed by the late founder, Shigetoshi Sakamoto, and through Sakamoto Donation Foundation stock contributed by the current Chairman & CEO (and current Foundation chair), Seishi Sakamoto and his wife.

The Hoshizaki Charity Club

The Hoshizaki Charity Club is a program in which employees donate a fraction of their paychecks (less than 100 yen) to organizations involved in activities that contribute to society. The club, which started in April 2012, is open to executives and employees of Hoshizaki and our domestic Group companies. Employees take turns serving on the club’s committee, and consider donation recipients. In fiscal 2019, 6,521 people participated in the club, for a participation rate of about 75%. Through this charity activity in which it is easy to participate, we are encouraging our employees to participate in activities that contribute to society of their own volition.

In fiscal year 2019, we donated a total of 5,450,000 yen to support organizations involved in such efforts as relief from natural disasters, and supporting people with intellectual disabilities.

Support for Community Development

Communication and Friendship between Employees and the Community

Support for the Special Olympics