Communities and Society

Communities and Society

The Hoshizaki Group contributes to society in ways that relate deeply to our businesses, including support for our customers’ recovery in times of disaster, support for activities to protect the natural environment through the Hoshizaki Green Foundation, and support for development in local communities where our plants are located.

Support for Customers’ Disaster Recovery

Hoshizaki Green Foundation

*Core funding provided by Hoshizaki shares bequeathed by the late founder, Shigetoshi Sakamoto, and through Sakamoto Donation Foundation stock contributed by the current Chairman & CEO (and current Foundation chair), Seishi Sakamoto and his wife.

The Hoshizaki Charity Club

The Hoshizaki Charity Club is a voluntary organization for Hoshizaki Group employees and executives in Japan, and collects amounts under 100 yen from the salaries and bonuses of members and donates them as funding to support organizations engaged in social contribution activities.
The club's support activities commenced in April 2012, and due to the support of many employees and others, as of the end of FY 2021, the club had around 6,600 members, which is a participation rate of around 75%.
Employees of each Group company serve as steering committee members on a rotating basis, selecting donation recipients, and in FY 2021, donations were made to 18 organizations offering support for children in need, persons with disabilities, and natural disaster recovery.
The club’s support activities provide opportunities to increase interest in voluntary social contribution activities.

Support for Community Development

Educational Support for Children and Students, etc.

Supporting the Independence of Persons with Disabilities

Cleaning and Beautification Activities

Communication and Friendship between Employees and the Community

Support for the Special Olympics