Human Rights

Human Rights

As a company that operates globally, the Hoshizaki Group recognizes that respect for human rights is a vital element of our business activities. We have set out our approach to respect for fundamental human rights, and strive to create a comfortable working environment.

Respect for Human Rights

The Hoshizaki Group thoroughly respects the human rights of each and every employee. The Hoshizaki Compliance Handbook clearly states that we respect the individuality, human rights, and privacy of all employees, and that we eliminate all discriminations, including that based on race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation (e.g., LGBT), religion, creed, and disability.

We also comply with each country’s legally mandated minimum wage, and strive to maintain wage levels that enable our employees to be motivated in their work.

Prevention of Harassment

In order to prevent harassment, the Hoshizaki Compliance Handbook ensures that all employees are aware that harassment is prohibited. In order to raise awareness of harassment, we strive to educate our employees through such means as harassment prevention training. We have set up “helplines” and “harassment hotlines” as means of reporting harassment.

Initiatives for Healthy Labor Relations

The Company regularly holds meetings with labor unions. Through these meetings, we share important information on company management with the labor unions as necessary, maintaining healthy relationships between labor and management.