Other products

Other products

As a full-line manufacturer of food and beverage equipment, we offer a wide variety of cooking and sanitation appliances

HOSHIZAKI is more than cooling appliances – we develop and manufacture a vast array of kitchen equipment to provide complete support for your food and beverage service needs. We develop steam convection ovens for small businesses, offer sanitation using electrolyzed water, and provide more products to contribute to improved work efficiency and convenience.

  • Main product
  • Steam convection oven
  • Electrolyzed water generator
  • Sushi case
  • Display case
  • Electromagnetic cooker
  • Blast chiller & schock freezer, etc.

Two products developed from the customer perspective earn rapidly expanding market share

We think from the customer perspective, develop the products kitchens will need next, and provide them swiftly. As a result, we discover and stimulate new customer needs, thereby contributing to the growth of the food and beverage industry as a whole.

Cook Everio steam convection oven

Steam convection ovens were previously only for large-scale kitchen operations, but we developed a model for small businesses with a focus on efficiency and flavor. This removed size and cost barriers to allow small restaurants to use steam convection ovens for the first time. We also established a dedicated support website with regular updates of recipes and usage examples for enhanced “soft” support.

Electrolyzed water generator

Our electrolyzed water generators electrolyze tap water to create electrolyzed water, which is ideal for sterilizing food, washing away soiling, and even more uses. We offer a direct output model and a tank-distribution model. In recent years, demand for food safety and hygiene purposes has increased rapidly. We also released WOX, a strongly acidic electrolyzed water model specialized for food sterilization, in response to specific customer needs.