Integrated Report

Integrated Report

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Introduction(A3 size)

On the Publication of Our Integrated Report 2023, Integrated Report 2023 Contents, The Hoshizaki Group in 2022

Hoshizaki's Value and Vision(A3 size)

Value and Vision, The History of Growth, Business Overview, Financial/Non-financial Highlights, Message from Top Management

Execution Strategy to Achieve the Vision(A3 size)

Value Creation Process, Key Points of Value Creation Process, Materiality Toward Realization of Ideal State, Financial/Capital Strategies, Human Capital, Intellectual Capital, Manufacturing Capital, Social Capital, Numerical Targets of the Five-year Management Vision and Company-Wide Strategy, Value Creation Story of Domestic Business, Value Creation Story of Overseas Business

Initiatives for Sustainability(A3 size)

Initiatives for Sustainability, Initiatives for the Environment, Response to Climate Change , Initiatives for Society

Foundation for Value Creation(A3 size)

Roundtable of Outside Directors, Enhancement of Management Foundation, List of Officers, Stakeholder Dialogue and Engagement

Data and Corporate Information(A3 size)

Finance-Related Information, Financial Data in Past Decade, Consolidated Financial Statements, Corporate and Stock Profiles


Previous Reports

Our report is vital for communicating with our stakeholders. We have upgraded the Environmental Report to the Social and Environmental Report in 2019, and the Social and Environmental Report to the Integrated Report in 2022. (English versions are available from 2020 Report.)