Commercial dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers

Contributing to kitchen efficiency with high washing quality and broad lineup

HOSHIZAKI launched the first commercial dishwasher in 1973. However, it was ahead of its time, and production was halted due to slow sales. Production resumed in 1981 with the growth of the restaurant industry, and we steadily expanded our share by making a major contribution to work efficiency and lowering personnel costs. Our wide lineup ranges from undercounter models for small businesses to conveyor units for cafeterias and other large-scale facilities. HOSHIZAKI's familiarity with commercial kitchens inspired the ingenuity to achieve our high washing power, ease of use and maintenance. We are now developing Eco-friendly models to meet today's needs.

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Rinsing with only 2 liters of water makes kitchens Eco-friendly

HOSHIZAKI develops our energy saving commercial dishwashers with the belief that environmental friendliness for dishwashers means not only saving energy, but also reducing wastewater and other direct burdens on the environment. Our models employ a high-pressure pump for heightened cleansing ability, with improved arm nozzle to allow rinsing with only 2 liters of water. This reduces not only water, but also the gas used to heat water, providing a comprehensive reduction in environmental burden.