Refrigerators & Freezers

Refrigerators & Freezers

HOSHIZAKI is the first who implemented energy saving in refrigerators

HOSHIZAKI launched refrigerators in 1972 based on cooling technology developed for our ice machine. We have always evolved by providing the products which meet the diverse needs of customers, expanding our model lineup and improving user friendliness in tandem with the growth of the restaurant industry. Our first-in-industry* inverter-driven refrigerator released in 2005 is just one example of our innovations. Amid calls for environmental conservation on a global scale, we have developed revolutionary energy-saving refrigerators, earning the Energy Conservation Center Chairman's Prize in 2006. We continue to improve our energy saving performance of refrigerator and expand its lineup.
* In domestic commercial refrigerators as of July 2005 (Hoshizaki research)

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We provide a diverse product lineup to match customer business category and space requirements

Our Refrigerators & Freezers play a leading role not only in restaurants, but also in distribution, agriculture, fisheries, and scientific research. In addition to the major products listed below, we also provide specialized models, including commercial milk cold storage and commercial food storage refrigerators.

Refrigerators & Freezers

Our Refrigerators & Freezers feature reliable cooling power and energy saving performance. In addition to our wide range of dimentional size lineup, we also offer a variety of model types, including worktop units, refrigerators with drawers, sink-integrated units, and more. We deliver products suited to your requirements with ample options to choose from.

High-humidity refrigerators

Our high-humidity refrigerators achieve a temperature slightly above the freezing point of foods, creating the ideal environment for fresh food storage. The refrigerator is able to maintain more than 90% of high humidity without the use of a humidifier.

Small glass door refrigerators

Our small glass door refrigerator feature both storage capacity and convenience while also presenting well-cooled food as its showcase. We have variety of product lineup with superior energy saving performance. Ease of placement, ease of use, and visual appeal of stored foods are the main features of the refrigerator as well as sliding-door that achieves three-sided perfect fit installation with no door space required.

Walk-in Refrigerators & Freezers

Just combining prefablicated panels, we can create airtight walk-in refrigerator with your desired width and height. The refrigeraror can be installed anywhere and keep food freshness that supports your bulk purchases.