Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

The main stakeholders of the Hoshizaki Group include the shareholders and investors who directly and indirectly affect the Group’s businesses, as well as a diverse range of other stakeholders, including the customers to whom the Group supplies its products and services, and our suppliers, employees, and local communities. The Group creates a wide range of opportunities to hear the views of our stakeholders, and uses these views in our management.

Stakeholder Relationship with the stakeholder The stakeholder’s main interests Primary channels of communication Relevant Departments / Inquiries

Shareholders and Investors

As providers of financial capital, shareholders and investors support the growth of the Hoshizaki Group while monitoring its management. We will build a relationship of trust with them by enhancing information disclosure and strengthening efforts to increase corporate value.

  • ・Enhancing corporate value
  • ・Pursuing fair disclosure
  • ・Implementing capital policy with
  • ・attention to capital efficiency
  • ・Achieving shareholder returns in excess of cost of capital
  • ・Addressing the SDGs/ESG factors and disclosing information
  • ・Improving the effectiveness of governance
  • ・General meeting of shareholders
  • ・Financial results briefings for institutional investors
  • ・Individual engagement with institutional investor
  • ・Conferences organized by securities companies
  • ・Briefing session for individual investors
  • ・IR/ESG information website
  • ・Management Department

Corporate Governance
(Dialogue with Shareholders)


Amid the shift taking place from a society and economy centered on goods to a society and economy centered on services and information, we aim to earn customer satisfaction by consistently providing the value that our customers desire and building more solid and longer-term relationships with our customers.

  • ・Provision of high performance, high quality products
  • ・Service organization that provides reliable support
  • ・Capability to propose solutions to issues Appropriate pricing
  • ・Response to technological innovation
  • ・Sales activities
  • ・Service activities
  • ・Various exhibitions
  • ・Training/seminars
  • ・Customer satisfaction surveys
  • ・Factory tours
  • ・Website
  • ・Domestic Sales Department
  • ・Overseas Business Division
  • ・Manufacturing Department
  • ・Development and Technology Department
  • ・Group companies

Supply Chain


Should a company become involved in environmental destruction or human rights abuses, even indirectly through its supply chain, it will lose the trust of its customers and society. We view our suppliers as partners and believe that it is essential to work to solve the social issues that exist within our supply chain.

  • ・Offering fair, equitable, and transparent trading terms
  • ・Supporting quality improvement
  • ・Promoting socially and environmentally responsible procurement activities
  • ・Cooperating in the event of disasters
  • ・Daily procurement activities
  • ・Factory policy briefings
  • ・Hoshizaki’s purchasing policy
  • ・Quality audits
  • ・Manufacturing Department

Supply Chain


We work to improve employee job satisfaction by offering opportunities for individual growth and creating a vibrant workplace culture so that we can contribute to customers and society through our business and continue to evolve and grow as a company together with our employees.

  • ・Respecting fundamental rights at work
  • ・Ensuring safe operations
  • ・Caring for the natural environment
  • ・Creating workplaces that foster high psychological security
  • ・Ensuring equal opportunity and fair evaluation
  • ・Providing opportunities for growth and self fulfilment
  • ・Improving work-life balance
  • ・Ensuring diversity and work style options
  • ・Intranet, company magazine
  • ・Employee satisfaction survey
  • ・Communication with supervisors/colleagues
  • ・Goal management, mutual checks of progress, evaluation feedback
  • ・Helpline
  • ・Labor-management negotiations and discussions
  • ・Training/seminars
  • ・Family days (Online factory tours for employee families)
  • ・Management Department

Human Resource Development

Local Communities

All of Hoshizaki Group’s offices and plants are members of their local communities. From support and assistance for educational, cultural, and sporting activities in local communities to recovery support activities in the event of disaster, each of our employees engage in meaningful activities when and where they can.

  • ・Coexisting and co-prospering with local communities
  • ・Creating employment Contributing to the development of the community
  • ・Conserving the local natural environment
  • ・Operating safely
  • ・Participation in community groups and events
  • ・Support for organizations that assist the independence of people with disabilities
  • ・Employee participation in community activities
  • ・Donations by the Hoshizaki Charity Club
  • ・Management Department
  • ・Group companies

Communities and Society

Future generations

Contributing to the generation that will build the future society leads also to the resolution of social issues by fostering the growth of the next generation of human resources. From a long-term perspective, we work to help preserve the natural environment, provide natural science education, and foster the development of human resources through scholarship awards.

  • ・Handing down a rich natural environment and stable society
  • ・Passing on the joy and importance of manufacturing
  • ・Providing opportunities for the growth of the next generation as future leaders of society
  • ・Factory tours
  • ・Participation and cooperation in Hoshizaki Green Foundation’s environmental improvement activities for the protection and breeding of wild animals and plants
  • ・Scholarships provided by Hoshizaki
  • ・Shinsei Foundation and Sakamoto
  • ・Donation Foundation (SDF)
  • ・Management Department

Communities and Society