Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

The main stakeholders of the Hoshizaki Group include the shareholders and investors who directly and indirectly affect the Group’s businesses, as well as a diverse range of other stakeholders, including the customers to whom the Group supplies its products and services, and our suppliers, employees, and local communities. The Group creates a wide range of opportunities to hear the views of our stakeholders, and uses these views in our management.

Stakeholder Policy Communication Methods and Frequency Relevant Departments/Inquiries

Shareholders and Investors

In order to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value over the long term, we engage in proactive dialogue and reflect the opinions and requests of our stakeholders in our management.

  • ・General Meeting of Shareholders(1 per year)
  • ・Financial results briengs (2 per year)
  • ・IR/SR interviews(as needed)
  • ・IR reports (4 per year)
  • ・Social and Environmental Reports (1 per year)
  • ・Factbooks(1 per year)
  • ・Group reports(2 per year)
  • ・IR website(ongoing)
  • ・ESG information website(ongoing)
  • ・Factory tours(ongoing)
  • ・Telephone conferences (4 per year)
  • ・Management Department

Corporate Governance
(Dialogue with Shareholders)


Having established a quality assurance and service/support system, we listen to our customers and promote daily improvement initiatives.

  • ・Daily sales activities(ongoing)
  • ・Proposing comfortable and efficient food environments(ongoing)
  • ・Monitoring surveys(ongoing)
  • ・Seminars at test kitchens(ongoing)
  • ・Dialogue during repair visits (as needed)
  • ・Customer satisfaction surveys(ongoing)
  • ・Various exhibitions(ongoing)
  • ・Website(ongoing)
  • ・Domestic Sales Department
  • ・Overseas Business Division
  • ・Manufacturing Department
  • ・Development and Technology Department
  • ・Group companies

Supply Chain

Procurement Business Partners

We are working together with our suppliers on responsible procurement in order to fulfill our social obligations throughout our supply chain.

  • ・Daily procurement activities(ongoing)
  • ・Business partner briefings(ongoing)
  • ・Quality audits(ongoing)
  • ・Manufacturing Department

Supply Chain


We are striving to create an environment that includes comfortable workplaces and enhanced human resource development systems so that our employees can maximize their individual abilities and be motivated and fulfilled in their work.

  • ・Employee satisfaction surveys(1 per year)
  • ・Intranet(ongoing)
  • ・Training system for human resource/capability development(ongoing)
  • ・Expansion of employee evaluation system(ongoing)
  • ・Compliance training(as needed)
  • ・Internal reporting system(as needed)
  • ・Harassment hotline(as needed)
  • ・Company newsletters(4 per year)
  • ・Labor-management negotiations(as needed)
  • ・Management Department

Human Resource Development

Local Communities

We promote social contribution activities in order to be a trusted member of local communities.

  • ・Factory tours(ongoing)
  • ・Participation in local organizations/events(ongoing)
  • ・Participation in community activities by employees(ongoing)
  • ・Support for/donations to customers during major disasters(ongoing)
  • ・Management Department
  • ・Group companies

Communities and Society