Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

The main stakeholders of the Hoshizaki Group include the shareholders and investors who directly and indirectly affect the Group’s businesses, as well as a diverse range of other stakeholders, including the customers to whom the Group supplies its products and services, and our suppliers, employees, and local communities. The Group creates a wide range of opportunities to hear the views of our stakeholders, and uses these views in our management.

Stakeholder Methods of Communication Relevant Departments/Inquiries

Shareholders and Investors

  • ・General Meeting of Shareholders
  • ・Investor briefings
  • ・IR/SR interviews
  • ・IR reports
  • ・Social and Environmental Reports
  • ・Factbooks
  • ・Group reports
  • ・IR website
  • ・ESG information website
  • ・Factory tours
  • ・Management Department

Corporate Governance
(Dialogue with Shareholders)


  • ・Daily sales activities
  • ・Proposing comfortable and efficient food environments
  • ・Monitoring surveys
  • ・Seminars at test kitchens
  • ・Dialogue during repair visits
  • ・Customer satisfaction surveys
  • ・Various exhibitions
  • ・Website
  • ・Domestic Sales Department
  • ・Overseas Business Division
  • ・Manufacturing Department
  • ・Development and Technology Department
  • ・Group companies

Supply Chain

Procurement Business Partners

  • ・Daily procurement activities
  • ・Business partner briefings
  • ・Quality audits
  • ・Manufacturing Department

Supply Chain


  • ・Employee satisfaction surveys
  • ・Intranet
  • ・Training system for human resource/capability development
  • ・Expansion of employee evaluation system
  • ・Compliance training
  • ・Internal reporting system
  • ・Harassment hotline
  • ・Company newsletters
  • ・Labor-management negotiations
  • ・Management Department

Human Resource Development

Local Communities

  • ・Factory tours
  • ・Participation in local organizations/events
  • ・Participation in community activities by employees
  • ・Support for/donations to customers during major disasters
  • ・Management Department
  • ・Group companies

Communities and Society