Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Activities

Hoshizaki Group conducts a wide range of social contribution activities.
Hoshizaki Green Foundation, the reception of facility visits, and a community-based approach are the three pillars of these activities. The basis for this is our approach aimed at enhancing mutual understanding with society through our open communications. While being a global business, Hoshizaki Group believes in the value of support from local communities garnered through our activities firmly rooted in their communities.

Hoshizaki Green Foundation

Environmental Conservation Activities

Hoshizaki supports Hoshizaki Green Foundation in its efforts to promote conservation and propagation of wildlife and plants and in environmental conservation activities. The company also participates in various conservation activities operated by the Foundation, including conservation and propagation of rare species and creation of habitats for wildlife and plants. In addition to creation of natural environments within company plant grounds, the company also actively engages in the preservation of regional natural environments. For many years, humans have imposed a heavy burden upon the natural environment. The preservation and restoration of that environment requires much time and effort. Consequently, the environmental conservation activities undertaken by Hoshizaki Green Foundation demand a great deal of physical exertion and perseverance. We will thus endeavor with whatever power is at our disposal to serve a role in conservation of the natural environment and will continue in our support of Hoshizaki Green Foundation.

Participating in Environment Improvement Activities to Encourage Kingfisher Nesting

During the breeding season for kingfishers, which inhabit waterside environments such as lakes and rivers, the males demonstrate courtship behavior where they present their prospective mate with hunting spoils, and dig a horizontal hole 50 - 90 centimeters into the waterside embankment for a nest. In recent years, reform work conducted on rivers has led to an increase in the number of concrete river dikes leading to a decrease in breeding areas for kingfishers. Hoshizaki Green Foundation has constructed artificial nesting holes in the concrete retaining walls that protect the embankments of the ponds in Green Park, providing kingfishers with breeding grounds. Successful breeding occurred in 1997, the year after the park opened, but it was not until 2006 that the next successful breeding was recorded. Since that year, the Foundation has prepared for the breeding season by refilling nesting holes after use, leading to success six times up to 2012. Unfortunately, no breeding was noted in 2010. We refilled the holes again nonetheless in September, as in previous years. Hoshizaki hopes that successful breeding will occur annually, and we will continue participating in efforts aimed at realizing this. We look forward to the kingfishers nesting.

  • A kingfisher

  • Digging and sifting soil

  • Sifted soil is used to refill the used nests

Facility Visits


Other Initiatives

Hoshizaki Head Office plant has worked closely with the labor union in support of Mugi-no-Hana (Toyoake City, Aichi Prefecture), a designated NPO that employs people with disabilities. The organization manufactures and sells homemade bread, and once a week, they sell their bread at Hoshizaki’s office. The bread, made without any preservatives using Japanese-grown wheat, is very popular with Hoshizaki staff.