Hoshizaki Eco Plan

Hoshizaki Eco Plan

The Hoshizaki Group motto is “Good product comes from a good environment”

In recent years, global warming has become one of the most critical environmental problems. An agreement was reached at the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit (2008) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 50% by 2050 (50-by-50). Hoshizaki promotes its “Eco Plan” based on its Corporate Philosophy that the company follows since its inception. Our contributions to society extend beyond its economic activities to developing energy-efficient equipment by reviewing our products from an environmental perspective.

  1. 1. Environmental Conservation and ISO 14001

    The company has established the Hoshizaki Green Foundation, which promotes initiatives aimed at conservation of the natural environment and makes a proactive contribution to the environment based on our Environmental Policy.

  2. 2. Recycling in Eco-Factories

    At our recycling factories, known as “eco-factories,” Hoshizaki recycles end-of-lease Hoshizaki-manufactured equipment in accordance with its equipment cleaning processes. Currently, the company operates 12 such sites in Japan.

  3. 3. Recovery of Fluorocarbon from Products

    The “Act on Rational Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons” (Fluorocarbons Emission Control Law) was enacted in Japan in April 2015.
    When conducting maintenance and repair of equipment used by customers, Hoshizaki Group explains the key points of the law to customers, providing proactive support for them to ensure their legal compliance.
    See more about the Fluorocarbons Emission Control Law

  4. 4. Provision of Maintenance Support

    Hoshizaki Group conducts assessment of equipment, enabling appropriate maintenance to ensure the intended performance of products and diagnose resource waste caused by age-related deterioration. This helps to reduce running costs, and by enabling longer use of equipment, we make a major contribution to reducing the burden on the environment.

  5. 5. Development and Promotion of Green Products

    Hoshizaki Group developed water electrolyzers (ROX) that significantly contribute to cutting use of detergents, which are consumed in large quantities in kitchens. ROX are also an effective measure against trihalomethane, a carcinogenic substance. Recently, the usefulness of electrolyzed water has led to its widespread application beyond the kitchen, in fields including agriculture and in the livestock industry.

  6. 6. Development of Energy Efficient Products

    Hoshizaki promotes the development of environmentally-friendly products based on our Eco Plan. We have achieved significant improvements to energy efficiency in new model commercial refrigerators, commercial dish washers and other products. The X-series of commercial inverter refrigerators, which realizes a more than 60% reduction in electricity consumption with no loss of refrigerative capability, was awarded the Energy Conservation Center of Japan’s Prize of the Chairman of ECCJ.

Unique Efforts and Results in Our Factories and Offices

Putting food waste into a waste processor Hoshizaki strives to implement efficient business activities in its factories and offices in order to raise the awareness of its employees regarding energy and environmental conservation. In addition, we promote improved yield in respect to metal and plastic materials at the manufacturing stage and encourage recycling of materials that previously were incinerated or taken to landfill.
In fiscal 2010, we recycled 95% of waste, including material and thermal recycling. Other unique initiatives include our head plant composting food waste from our staff cafeteria, fallen leaves and other waste materials. At the Shimane Plant, we process wood scraps into charcoal to use in underfloor absorption.