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Corporate Philosophy

Mission Statement We, Hoshizaki Group, aim to be an “Evolving Company” contributing to society as well as customers, meeting the changing needs and demands for diversified “Eating”. To achieve the above, we develop original products incorporating original technology. And we present innovative proposals for a more comfortable and efficient eating environment and offer responsive, high quality services.
Management Philosophy Dedicated:
  • To compliance with the laws, and to making the Company trusted by society and its employees.
  • To practicing management with transparency and discussion.
  • To realizing harmonization of business activities with the environment and a good environment to work.
Action Principles

Friendly and Happily

Let’s perform our own responsibilities and bring to reality working in a friendly, harmonious and happy way.

Challenge to the Extremity

Let’s break the present state of things, and respect an attitude to continuous innovative creation without fear of failure.

Creating Customer Satisfaction

Let’s always think from the customer's point of view.

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