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Outline of product

Hoshizaki, the developer of the Japan's first fully automatic ice-maker, is committed to working particularly on ice and water related product development. Warm foods should be kept warm and cold foods should be kept cold. It is our aim to support a wide range of “Food” scenes luxuriantly by maintaining a flavor and savory smell as fresh as those of freshly-made dishes.

Hoshizaki ensures the maximum freshness of food by making full use of our own original cooling technologies. We guarantee the long-term preservation of food fresh from the sea, mountains or fields, and of the flavor of food fresh from the oven using our high-precision temperature control systems. Our equipment makes a significant contribution to cost reduction by improving the efficiency of purchasing foodstuffs.

Hoshizaki offers a hygienic management system using electrolyzed water. Electrolyzed water is able to cleanse and minimize bacteria on food materials and equipment, etc. You can also put your dishes in our high-powered dish washer to cut through tough grease. This helps you to control the hygiene of dishes.

The HOSHIZAKI service machine is designed to be easy and gentle to its users. Tasty drinks are just by touching a button away. It creates relaxing time not only in restaurants but in offices and healthcare.

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